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  • Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge (C-ANWR) Management Plan Workshops
    • The Area de Conservación Tempisque (ACT) along with a group of specialists from the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA) are conducting the revision of the Management Plan of the C-ANWR.  The first meeting was held in San Francisco de Coyote and served as an introduction of the key stakeholders and the presentation of the management plan.
    • Monitoring of the C-ANWR Management
      • ACT conducted a monitoring program to assess the management of the National Wildlife Refuge during 2012.  The data collected from outside stakeholders showed a very low rating for the management on behalf of MINAEM and highlighted the crucial role that NGO’s in the area, PRETOMA and CIRENAS, have played in areas including environmental education, research, conservation and community engagement.
      • Co-Management contract
        • Several meeting have taken place in order to reestablish the relationship between CIRENAS and ACT as co-managers of the C-ANWR.  The first matter that is in discussion is the use and management of the Ranger Station currently abandoned in the Refuge.  We are certain that in the short term we will be signing an agreement in which CIRENAS and ACT will both benefit and more importantly bring back life and the community into the Refuge.

CIRENAS – Conservation International

  • Conservation International has selected three small local entrepreneurs to assist in creating a business plan for the Refuge.  CIRENAS, PRETOMA and the local Camaronal Tour Guides were the organizations selected.  CIRENAS has created “Experiencias Caletas-Ario” with the following mission statement:

“Experiencias Caletas-Ario exists to create transformative connections between visitors, local communities and the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge.”

These opportunities will be provided through our tours and Internship and Volunteer Program.


We will offer a unique experience to discover the tropical dry forest, coastal and marine environment and local culture of the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge.


We offer opportunities for the development of scientific and socio-cultural research applied to various issues related to ecosystems in the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge.

Areas of interest: Tropical Dry Forest Regeneration, Impacts of Global Climate Change, Watershed Management and Water Resources, Agro-Ecology, Threatened Species or Current Topics of Interest.