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By: Abby C and Sadie

P1090962So today we started off our day early again. Instead of going horseback riding we split up into groups like yesterday and we went on the hike while the others went horseback riding. Francisco was the one who took us on our hike. We looked at many birds. He even encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones. Sarah was the first, and then we followed along and all ate termites. We continued to walk…then…BEES. Francisco freaked and told us to run and get far away. In the end we were able to pass them and everyone was a-okay. So we continued our journey to the ranger station. There we enjoyed a refreshing snack of trail mix and coconut water. As we had been snacking on the trail mix, Sadie decided to try to mix it up a little. You could imagine what happened next (she spilt it all). IMG_9053But it was all-good because it was only half the bag. We left and walked back to our houses on the beach. Once back, we had plans to possibly go to a school but were unfortunately unable to. Instead, NaNa came to us with paints and driftwood and we made many different signs to help identify birds and plants on the campus. Beach time came up quick, and before we knew it we were already at it again with a game of soccer. After soccer we came back for dinner, which was arroz con pollo. Later we finished off the day under the beautiful Costa Rican skies with the stars. Finally, it was time for bed and for our nightly entertainment we fell asleep to lizard fights on our walls.