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By: Kyle McFarland

P1090883A’ight so we first arrived at CIRENAS and we were all exhausted from the excessive traveling. Be that as it may, from the first moment we gazed upon the vast expanse that the Pacific Ocean bestowed, we all concluded that it was worth our patience. For the past few months, our Spanish teacher, Señora Grew, has had a picture of our view as her desktop. That being said, it blew my mind to see it in person. Shortly after our arrival, we were greeted by the demonic screams of a family of howler monkeys. Although we have seen the videos and have heard their language before, it doesn’t match the sensation of bleeding eardrums. After a short nap, we put on our swimsuits and ran into the ocean like a majestic flock of geese. One of our counselors named Francisco put four sticks in theIMG_9051 ground and suggested that we played a game of soccer. This was my favorite part, because you don’t need to be talented to kick a ball and have fun. Initially, before our squad went to sleep, I was worried that I wouldn’t wake up on time after our electronics were confiscated. But ever so conveniently, our hairy acquaintances had our backs and woke us up with the song of their people at approximately 4 in the morning. After our short time on CIRENAS campus, I had an epiphany that it wasn’t the ocean, the mountains, the incredible food nor the exotic animals that has made this trip so breathtaking so far. In fact, it is the love, care, and genuine decency from our fellow students and counselors that will make this experience hard to forget.

Peace out, Kyle McFarland