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By: Jesse Ryan and Nina Callahan

IMG_9290Hola from CIRENAS! After 5 hours in a plane, nearly 5 more in a bus, and a few kilometers walking down the beach, we have arrived! After getting off our bus and beginning the final stretch of travel down the beach to CIRENAS, we saw the beautiful, blue pacific ocean for the first time.  Less than thirty seconds later, our whole group was splashing in the waves.   Next we met Karla and Francisco who showed us the campus and lead us in discussion about the three core values of living at CIRENAS– home, family, and community.  We settled into our “dorms” and quickly changed into our bathing suits for a sunset swim.  After that, we took navy style showers and had our first dinner circle, where Karla read us a Mary Oliver poem and had a moment of silence to appreciate the surrounding environment. We had rice, fish, guacamole, salsa, beans, and veggies for dinner. It was delicious! Now, a tired bunch, we are ready for bed. Buenas noches y pura vida!