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By: Abby Bresler and Natalie Stein

IMG_9340Some of us started the day off with yoga in the beautiful morning breeze. After breakfast, our groups flipped yesterday’s activities. The new horse riders enjoyed the freedom of being on a horse. We saw people working on the new CIRENAS campus, building a road and creating ponds that will conserve rainwater during the dry season. The rest of us went on a hike. We ate green mangoes and found lots of different kinds of birds. We had each chosen a bird to look for, and we found almost all of them! After lunch, we played a spontaneous soccer game on the beach and enjoyed the waves. We collected coconuts to use the fibers in the garden we will create. As we carried heavy sacks of coconuts we thought about all of the women in the world who have to walk miles just to get water. As a group, we then stripped the fibers from the coconuts and enjoyed the coconut meat and water. Some of us went kayaking IMG_9314through the mangroves while the others went for another ocean swim. We learned about the goals and concepts of ecotourism, as well as the ways in which the industry sometimes fails to uphold their values. At dinner circle we spotted a shooting star! It was a nice way to end a busy day