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By: Tiwalade from Nigeria, Ruthvin from Trinidad and Tobago

P1100202On this particular Thursday, we’re at CIRENAS in Costa Rica. Waking up to the howler monkeys and the beautiful sunrise put us in great moods for yoga and a beach walk. After eating a nutritious and delicious breakfast, we headed to the future CIRENAS campus for some permaculture activity.  While some shoveled the dirt into the sift, others sifted. The sifted dirt was put in small bags and new seeds were sown. With the mixture of good radio music, mid-morning snacks and rotation of jobs, we ended the activity with a cumulative amount of over 500 plants!!! ¡¡El futuro del CIRENAS!! At this time the sun was already high and in fact scorching. Trust me, it was one tiring activity. We headed back to the current CIRENAS facility for lunch at our various paces. You know, nature gives us some compensations for its down sides. The very cool breeze from the ocean was perfect! It was exactly what we needed.

We had some free time after lunch to play games, have random discussions, and manually break coconuts. Well, the sun IMG_1990seems to be having some mercy right now. We’re making signs and getting ready for the bonfire we’ll have tonight. Oh! Here comes a Coati! It’s black with a long tail! Wow, never seen that before.

Hmmm, this is our last night here together, but the lessons learned will definitely stick with us for life. I’m looking forward to kayaking, sunset swimming, eating dinner, playing charades, enjoying bonfire night,  and whatever else this beautiful scenery has to offer before leaving tomorrow. Okay, gotta go now! You really should check this place out!