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By: Abby S and Emily

P1090986Hola, today Nick held a nature walk on the beach starting at 5am, so we had to get up really early. We watched the moonset and sunrise over the trees. We found many beautiful shells and rocks, and also saw crocodile tracks! On the way the back we spotted a Olive Ridley turtle making its way back to the ocean after nesting (we all took many pictures with the turtle). After a delicious breakfast of eggs we took an hour-long ride to a fishing port. We split into 3 groups in 3 different boats. Unfortunately there were no fish caught, but we got to go snorkeling and saw many bright and colorful fish. After the boat ride we drove to a beach and had a picnic there. When we finished P1100029eating we split into different groups to go shopping in a town called Santa Teresa. We all tried some interesting food, for example, a 3-layer cake, a chocolate chip milkshake and the “best pizza ever” (according to Chris). Most of us bought souvenirs that we will bring home. We traveled back to campus and went straight to the beach. All of us played in the waves and, of course, ended with a rowdy game of soccer. The night was finished with a dinner of sausages, rice, potatoes, and cabbage salad, and some stargazing.