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By: Emily

P1100080Today we woke up with the monkeys… well, most of us did. Today was also Kyle’s birthday. Some people went to yoga at 6ish, and others, such as myself, went back to sleep. For breakfast, we had some really good French toast made from hamburger buns with cinnamon. Then we all piled into our respective cars to make the trip to Quebradas de Nando school. On the way, we saw Dennis moving the cattle to another pasture, which was really interesting. We drove through two rivers and saw the tenant-farmer neighbors, and learned about their farming methods. We got to the school, and were greeted by roughly 24 kids in grades K-3. One little boy insisted on shaking everyone’s hands, and they were all very cute. We did a quick activity called “Ensalada de Frutas” or fruit salad. We stood in a circle with the kids, alternating. We had to know their names and their favorite fruit, which was, surprisingly, very

IMG_9157difficult. Afterwards, we went to the classroom, and partnered up (again, 1:1 ratio). We learned about our partners and drew pictures based on what they told us. Then we presented the information to the class in English and Spanish. Afterwards, we had lunch, consisting of arroz, frijoles, picadillo de palmito, pollo con papas, and tamarindo and pineapple juice. We had a short recess and played a small game of “kick the soccer ball around” with most of the kids. The kids all wanted to be picked up and it was so much fun. Afterwards we all went and sang Happy Birthday to Kyle and helped him blow out his candles… They were relighting candles. We all had cake and took some shots on the goal with the ball. We sat and waited for the older kids to get out of their lessons. After they did, we played a game with Spanish and English, and we played “Duck-Duck-Goose”. We played a short game of soccer afterwards, P1100114but it was really too hot. Coming from someone who usually plays in upstate NY in the fall and the spring at 8 o’clock, it was WAY too hot. Then we piled back in the cars and made our way back… rather sadly. Luckily, I got to ride in one of the newer cars on the way home, instead of the truck… It was SO different. We got to take the new road home because of high tide. We got home and played cards and relaxed and painted. Then we had beach time (our last… so sad), and made one last hike up the stairs. Then we had our final dinner, and are in the process of stargazing one last time.