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Built against a breathtaking backdrop of lush tropical forests, ocean views and agricultural lands that characterize Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, the new CIRENAS campus is almost complete.

It was constructed as a space for intellectual exchange, inspiration and empowerment, combining beauty, functionality and safety.


The new CIRENAS campus was conceived and built as an educational tool in itself, allowing visitors to experience first-hand more sustainable ways of living. It was designed:

  • as a comfortable and inspirational space to host education and research programs for students of all ages
  • be a living laboratory that will test systems and adapt with changes in the environment and new knowledge acquisition.
  • demonstrate holistic management techniques on a small scale; our campus is 25-hectares in total but we will only actively manage 3-hectares for the first couple of years.
  • regenerate the land which was formerly used as a cattle pasture, using permaculture techniques that can easily be transferred to the local community, to the larger Hacienda Ario ranch and to neighboring properties so that together we can make a significant impact on restoring the watershed.

Our visitorScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.22.09 PMs are also afforded opportunities to take part in a variety of activities on site or nearby including hiking, surfing, kayaking, yoga, and horseback riding, among others.

We offer our campus to host your groups or we can tailor our courses and activities to your goals.  CIRENAS also offers volunteer programs and other transformative retreat opportunities.

  • 6 bungalows (total capacity for 36 people).
  • Large dining hall (capacity for 40 people).
  • Fully equipped classroom (capacity for 50 people).
  • Wet/dry laboratory.
  • Storage facilities.
  • Natural spaces for meditation, yoga, and events.
  • Hiking trail-system that connects to the shores of the Pacific Ocean and to the Caletas-Arío National Wildlife Refuge