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Against the breathtaking backdrop of lush tropical forests, ocean views and agricultural lands that characterize the southern portion of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, is emerging the NEW CIRENAS CAMPUS.

Our new campus is being built as a space for intellectual exchange, inspiration and empowerment, combining beauty, functionality and safety.

Not just any campus!

The new CIRENAS campus was conceived and built as an educational tool in itself, allowing visitors to experience first-hand more sustainable ways of living. Key design features include:

  • Natural Buildings – The structures were constructed primarily with resources sourced locally, as well as recycled and renewable products. All buildings were designed to give the sense of being in nature while providing sufficient comfort and safety. Labor was procured from neighboring communities.
  • Sustainable Food Production – Our permaculture trials are well advanced and we are on track for producing 75% of all of our food in the next five years, and locally sourcing the remaining 20%.
  • Water Conservation – Water harvesting and management systems have been put in place to ensure a constant flow of water for human consumption and other uses during the rainy and dry seasons.  We have constructed swales and ponds to capture as much water as possible and extend our growing seasons. 
  • Waste Water Management – We have installed grey water recycling systems to filter and reuse valuable “waste water” for irrigation.  All black waters are treated on site.
  • Alternative Energy Production – In time and with funding, CIRENAS hopes to be completely off the grid.  In addition to future solar installations that feed excess production back into the national grid, we will also explore biodigestion and crops for biofuels.
  • Livestock – The CIRENAS campus, in time, will be home to pigs, chickens, goats, and other animals that can be integrated into our food web and provide valuable proteins for our community.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.22.09 PM

Campus Facilities

  • 6 bungalows (total capacity for 36 people).
  • Large dining hall (capacity for 40 people).
  • Fully equipped classroom (capacity for 50 people).
  • Wet/dry laboratory.
  • Storage facilities.
  • Natural spaces for meditation, yoga, and events.
  • Hiking trail-system that connects to the shores of the Pacific Ocean and to the Caletas-Arío National Wildlife Refuge