Sustainability is a global concern, requiring
effort from every corner of the Earth.
We can’t do this alone.

The everyday work of CIRENAS depends in large part on support from our conscientious donors – businesses, organizations and individuals like you who care about people and the planet, and want to contribute to social wellbeing and environmental sustainability. Your donations allow us to continue working toward a better world by expanding our conservation mission and continuing to inspire sustainable living practices both locally and globally.
Your support makes a world of difference.

To our Donors: CIRENAS, its executives and board, hereby pledge to:

  • Create an inspiring, experiential learning program where ecological regeneration is integrated into the curriculum, in the design of the campus in the partnerships fostered
  • Continue oversight and development of the “Story of place”
  • Create a culture of financial sustainability, including completing the campus on time on budget and cultivating sustainable earned revenue and fundraising models
  • Create “total wealth” in excess of this financial agreement, including transformed students, an enriched community, regenerated land and growth of all stakeholders
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Caroline Grew,
CIRENAS Board of Directors President
Phone (US): +1-970-708-8111

Daniel Grew,
CIRENAS Board of Directors Vice President
Phone (Costa Rica): +506-8313-8917

CIRENAS is a registered U.S. 501(c)3 organization with tax ID: 26-3868907.